quarta-feira, junho 17, 2009

Everything that's old is new again

Revendo os arquivos desse blog, vi um texto que escrevi há uns sete anos. Absolutamente tudo mudou, mas fiquei espantado (de verdade!!) com a qualidade do negócio. Decidi até republicar.

Lá vai:

The old king

There is a new culture, a brand new civilization out there. We don’t know them, we can’t understand them. Because they are modern and young. They are the bright future, while we’re the sad past. One day, they shall came and take us all out of the picture. We’ll be nothing but empty boxes in an empty room.

I, once, was a king. But not a nice one. Mine was the kingdom of lust, pain and where forgiveness and compassion doesn’t had a place to live. Now, I must pay the price for being such a stubborn and mean person.

The newborn princes will build their palaces over my skull and the bodies of my comrades. And there is nothing I can do. Death visited me already. She told me that my time here is short and if she was me, she would try to look for redemption, before it’s too late.

But I had to stay as I am. I shall avoid the storm as long as it’s possible. So, when the bright ones came here, they will respect me, because I stayed true to myself, to my kingdom and to the gods that put me in charge of it.

Then, I will cross the line between this world and the next. The lady in black will escort me. But I will never be forgotten, because every village, even the smallest of all, has a boy or girl who likes to walk in the dark side, under the dim light of the moon. And this person will remember the Black King and will work in my name.

So, the shine people will notice it, but they shall do nothing. Because there is no light without the company of the dark.

Texto meu, inspirado por Neil Gaiman

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